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SUITABLE FOR ALL RIFLES! This rifle sling can fit all gun types and sizes. No need to purchase a different sling for each. BE PREPARED!  Get yours today!



Quick Detach Metal Hook build for Reliability & Durability

Material: Heavy Duty Nylon

Length: Adjustable 52"/130cm

Width: 1.49"/3.7cm

Available Colors: Black, Tan, Green


Easy to Adjust - This adjustable one-point bungee sling is great for use in close quarters because it doesn't restrict the movement of your rifle.  This Sling keeps your firearm at your side and allows you to shoot from either shoulder without having to adjust the Sling.


Professional Grade - Military Grade high quality stitched nylon straps, heavy gauge steel clasp, durable one-piece ABS plastic adjustment loops. Our hooks are made of high-quality durable metal with the full range turning capacity of 360°, much wider and easier opening to handle!


FLEXIBLE - Swivel trigger snap allows the sling to be unhooked quickly and easily from the rifle. Reliable & durable metal hook allows for quick disconnect for rapid access and quick transitions between carrying methods. Versatile, can be used as strap, lanyard, safety rope, etc.


COMFORTABLE – The light weight, high strength One Point elastic bungee design allows even distribution of gun weight on your shoulder. Easy on your shoulder during long carry times. This Sling is perfect for AR style, airsoft and Paintball rifles.


SUITABLE FOR ALL RIFLES -  The rifle sling can fit all types and sizes. No need to purchase a different sling for each of your paintball guns, rifles and shotguns. GREAT for AR15's!


Rampage Single Point Bungee Sling w/ Quick Release Swivel

$29.95 Regular Price
$9.95Sale Price


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